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Saturday, July 11, 2009

combined hobby's

Since I started working in my new job I don't have so much time anymore for my photography and I found a new hobby beside photography which is biking. Yesterday I went to change the tire of the bike and I came home with a new bike lol. I got a great deal on this bike and leaving it there for someone else to buy it, just would be a crime!!
Today I went biking early in the morning with some friends, before the real heat starts, but we didn't get to far due to all kinds of problems with my bike and the bikes of my friends. You know, just one of these days everything goes wrong. When we finally fixed all the problems it was already to hot to start things over, so... next time.
But I found a way to combine my hobby's and here are the results. When I feel sure enough with my new bike I hope to take my camera with me and make some nice action shots of bikes and nature. Of course our dog had to inspect all the new stuff from very close.