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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nature can be very scarry

It was a nice day so I went again on a small trip, While I was having great fun just shooting some flowers and small insects,

I was even lucky (after a lot of patients ) to finally photograph some butterfly's, until now every time I got close enough they flew away, but now I just waited for them to come close to me.

After shooting some real cool butterfly's suddenly I heard a small noise right next to me, I turned my camera towards where the noise came from... focused my lens....
and got the shock of my live. something like half a meter from me...If there is one thing I'm scared of it is (you guest right) snakes!

When I shoot again I only saw his back and when I looked up to see where he was running away to. I saw he was going my way, so.....I was the one running away!!!