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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yom etzma'ut

Today we celebrate Israel's 60 Independence Day. Witch is always a big happening and party here. It's a big headache for the security forces because there are big amounts of people in open places, so easy targets for terrorists. But let me focus on the more happy side. The official ceremonies start in Jerusalem on the evening of Independence Day (yesterday evening) also every town and village has it's own stage with concerts and celebrations. Who doesn't go to the celebrations most likely stays home for the BBQ . We went to family next door. They live on the 12th floor so we hade a great view over the area and every few minutes another town in the area lighted fireworks. This pic is from the fireworks in our town. Today we go for another BBQ in a nearby Forrest, I hope to make some more nice picture there aswell.

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